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Learn all about our PROVEN Seasonal Approach and the Be Carb SMART Fitness Plan.

Our Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Professional Anthony Terrill Sr. and his wife Darlene are proud owners of ANTHONY'S SMART CHOICES, LLC. An innovator of BeCarbSMART products base on the technology of Organic, NON-GMO, Sprouted Grains. All their foods are made with ASC FLOUR, a proprietary blend that "Digests As A Vegetable...not a starch!
Our Nutritionist Anthony Terrill Sr is offering the Be Carb SMART Fitness Plan! Each ASC SMART Seasonal Manual comes with a complete, easy-to-follow steps that outlines exactly what foods should be eaten, shopping lists and a complementary workout plan. These are your steps to "Live Life With ENERGY"!
Now you can get results while eating ASC SMART Pasta and all your favorite foods made with the ASC FLOUR. The enjoyment of knowing ASC SMART Foods makes staying on the BE CARB SMART Fitness Plan easier to stick with!


The ASC SMART Pre-Season is a rejuvenation period. Through diet, co-ed exercises and supplementation, most people see major changes in two to four days! You Can too!


This co-ed season is designed to help you decrease body fat and increase your lean muscle mass. This one-month season combines circuit training routing and specific weight training workouts that will improve your strength and endurance, resulting in a toned and more well-defined physique.


Through progressively more intense co-ed workout routines, you will immediately notice increased strength, muscle repair and recovery. You will also see a clearer picture of obtaining the "New Desired Body".


This season chisels your body to your satisfaction. When combined with the previous seasons of the plan, this one makes the impossible, possible. You can begin this season at any time throughout the 5 Season Plans, and re-enter it at any time you wish.


The unique difference offers by ASC SMART. You get RESULTS. Now you've lost all your unwanted body fat, created new clean habits that contribute to "Living Life With ENERGY". That's SMART! Congratulations!

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