Before & After Success Stories

Wow! When I saw the before picture of me I honestly had to do a double take. It's hard to see myself that way. So this, was me in September. I was very overweight, defeated and on a path of self-destruction. Not knowing where to turn, I joined SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER. I didn't expect much but after my first meeting with the owner, Michelle Miraglia-Scutti.

I was so treated with so much respect at a time that I really didn't think I even deserved it. I was impressed with her expertise and compassion for fitness and more importantly Michelle's patience and understanding. The encouragement and support at SUPERIOR FITNESS is by far - Like NO OTHER. It what keeps me motivated. The entire staff of trainers are knowledgeable and mindful of our needs. Everyone is so respectful and eager to help one another. I have to say I am slightly embarrassed by the attention but so proud! Not only of myself but to be part of such an amazing group of people! We are all in this thing together and I am so grateful I joined SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER! At SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER we get results! Thank you again everyone so much for the kind words!
I loved the fact how SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER isn't all about Challenges. My problem with challenges is they are great once you're in them but after they end you either have to shell out more money for another challenge or you have a tendency to go back to your old ways. The statistics are daunting. Only 1 in 20 dieters succeed in keeping their lost weight off long-term. SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER has given me the tools so I can be fit and healthy. I learned there are healthier options that are just as tasty so I don't feel deprived of the food I love or feel banished to eating bland food which was a big misconception about healthier eating.

The classes at SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER are fun, but Challenging. One of my personal favorites is TABATA, but the nice thing is each class is different, there is such a variety. Each Trainer's style is unique and they work to meet everyone's needs.

Since coming to SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER I'm able to do things I was never able to do before. I can run, hold a 5-minute plank, do Burpees, Sit-ups and Push-Ups. All of which were not possible before SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER came into my life.

The awesome thing about SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER is they showed me I didn't have to deprive myself from foods I love. My favorite snack is an Apple dipped in Salted-Carmel Greek Yogurt. I thought for sure that in joining SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER my traditions of the Italian Sunday Dinner would be gone forever but thanks to Anthony Terrill and his SMART ASCâ„¢ Pastas I can still enjoy my favorite dishes of Rigatoni and Spinach Ravioli without any of the guilt.

My personal goals now are to reach my goal weight and transition into a maintenance program. I've learned to hold myself accountable and making sure I'm not only eating right but getting my workouts in.
I love the energy I feel when I walk in the doors at SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER no matter what time of the day the classes are exciting challenging and no matter what the exercise we have fun!
At SUPERIOR FITNESS, Like NO OTHER everyone from Michelle, the Fabulous Team of Trainers and all the great friends I've made here, I look not as competition or discouragement, but as Inspiration which keeps me motivated to push myself harder.

I was thinking of my first day at your gym like my first class ever. Only made it half way through Keri was so sweet helping me! I thought I wasn't going to make it. Lol I went home and cried to my husband but I couldn't use that as an excuse and kept going!

Before joining Superior Fitness I had never even stepped into a gym before, always assuming I'd be too intimidated. But at 217lbs I knew I had to change my eating habits and start exercising. On a friend's recommendation I signed up at Superior Fitness and it has changed my life. The instructors take the time to explain every exercise and help to modify them when needed. The classes are filled with the the most amazing and inspiring people. There is never any judgment only encouragement. To date I have lost almost 50lbs and have kept it off for over a year. Thank you Michelle, Jenny and all of the amazing coaches for making Superior Fitness a place where we look forward to coming every day.

One year ago I walked into the doors of Superior Fitness, not knowing anything except that I was unhappy with myself, out of shape, over weight and overwhelmed with the daunting task of getting my physical and emotional health back. As with many people, life's challenges had taken their toll on me. I had put myself and my health last for far too long and I didn't know what to do about it. I knew I needed help but had no idea how to get it. I drove past the new gym signs opening on RT 37 and a friend and I joined together, not knowing our lives were about to change for the better. I WAS SCARED! (TERRIFIED) I WAS EMBARRASSED! I was not "a gym person". But I took a huge leap of faith and I jumped in. I took my first class on a trampoline and I just chose to laugh at the utter insanity of me doing what I was doing! And then I took another class and another. I was given a binder with all the information I needed to eat healthy. It had recipes and shopping lists and gave me a way to begin! For some reason, this way of eating clicked for me. I "got it"! In the first few weeks I made big changes. I followed the binder like a bible but it wasn't really hard! I immediately began to feel better!! My mind was clear, I became more active and slept better. I began to drop pounds and tone my body. But most importantly, I began to feel like I was worthy of all the time and effort I was putting into becoming who I wanted to be. Superior Fitness gave me the tools to take my happiness and self confidence back. Michele and her dedicated team of coaches gave me something I was missing for far too long...a roadmap; directions and support! There's a huge difference in joining a gym and joining Superior Fitness. At Superior, you are given both the exercise and nutrition portion of the puzzle. Another very important part of my journey has been the people I have come to know and call friends. There are people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds at Superior Fitness, and when we are at the gym, we are all the same. My fear of standing out for being unfit was unfounded. People here really want to see each other succeed. People here compliment and encourage each other. Super Fit Fam is really a thing!!
So what can I say about my journey one year later? I can say that I feel proud of my progress! I feel grateful for Michelle and her Superior Fitness team for providing the vehicle for me to get where I was trying to get for a long time. I have learned a very important lesson this past year. It so important to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority! It is vital to surround yourself with people who help you on your health and fitness journey. I have learned that it is NEVER too late to start and NEVER stop trying! I have lost almost 50 lbs and I I'm not done yet! I am a work in progress, but with Superior Fitness I have also learned that it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. My journey gives me strength. My gym family, Superior Fitness, gives me the tools and accountability I need to keep going!! If you are feeling like I was a year ago, don't hesitate!! JUMP RIGHT IN!! Join SUPERIOR FITNESS TODAY!! I will be here to cheer you on and guarantee so will Michelle, every coach and every member of this crazy gym family!! DON'T BE AFRAID TO FAIL!! I promise you that if you join this gym, you WILL SUCCEED! This gym is more than a gym! It's a way of life! Superior Fitness is truly and honestly LIKE NO OTHER!! Come join the fun!!